SCHOOL, my second HOME…..

  Summer vacations are about to end.. Monsoon has already taken control of the weather… We are just about to reach the half mark to yet another year. 4 years have passed by since I left my school. Yet again, as the date of 26th of June starts approaching, the sound of school bell begins to fill my ears and mind. After enjoying summer holidays of nearly two months, it was finally the time when we put our school bags on and start with yet another year, full of learning, enjoyment and awesomeness. After completing two years at college, I really miss that feeling of the first day at school. New classroom, new teachers, new faces… And most of all, NEW BOOKS 🙂 The smell of newly bought books… There are so much things which we experience only in school and never afterwards… From our first friend, first fight to our first crush…so much feelings.

It is indeed ironic that we spend our SCHOOL DAYS yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days.

  I was in the same school from class 1 to class 10. So it had became my second home. Everything was familiar to me. It was like I had felt every part of that school. I knew every gap and corner. The teachers had became my family. All of them had taught me, so they all knew me personally. Unfortunately, there are very few memories that I remember now from my school days. But the ones I remember still makes me nostalgic. I was not able to crack the entrance exam for class 1, as I was very sick then. But, as my brother was also studying in the same school, I was given a chance on one condition that I stay in top 5 ranks in the exams, which by the way, I maintained till my last exam of class 10.. 🙂  I was a pretty studious kid back then. According to my teachers, I rarely talked to anyone. I still laugh at myself on how big nerd I was then. I don’t have much memories till my primary level i.e class 7 as I was the same nerd till then. It’s in the last 3 years of my school, I made a lot of memories; I opened up and I actually started enjoying school. I don’t know  how this huge transformation came in my behavior. May be because, I saw my future career already written as my brother had gotten admission into the best Engineering college of India. And now that, I would follow the same path. May be I understood that I had only these 3 years to enjoy to my fullest. So why to wait, let’s dive into those memorable 3 years of my life… 🙂


  It was very much difficult for me to open up. I made a few close friends and I used to talk to them only. Slowly, I increased my friend circle. And now everyone was my friend and it was more like a family. I rarely talked to girls of my class. And the one to those I talked was because my sister was also in my class. Otherwise, I was too shy, rather a Nerd… But as days passed by I got more involved in classroom activities. I realized that I had missed all this fun for last 7 years and felt bad… There was so much fun going in the class.. Right from gossiping about who were the couples of the class to making fun of teachers… I had missed all.. It was like my eyes and ears were all time closed for such things… Haha.. But now, along with studies, I also took interest in such activities.. I played a lot on ground during recess time.. Like a really lot…till all my clothes were all dirty.. Some of my friends really helped me to open up and talk… I was now living a LIFE.. I never had a crush on anyone till then.. Obviously because I never interacted with any girl.. Unfortunately, once our teacher made all the boys to sit along side of boys.. That was the first time I talked to any girl and I became friends with my bench partner.. And not to tell I had a small crush on her.. I never told that to anyone until now… There are many such memories like this which if I listed down now will make this post too long.. 🙂

Some days I wish I could go back in Life. Not to change anything, but to FEEL a few things twice.

  I know you all must have related to all of this and you also agree that School days are the best, aren’t they ? It is a place of all our FIRSTS. I didn’t felt so much on my last day of school that I feel now. Things have so much changed. Teachers who used to care about each and everyone in the class are replaced by those cold hearted professors who only teach for money. Grades have become so much important. A small failure even means a lot now. Students are committing suicides… There are too many pressures to handle, too many expectations to cope up with. And we have to live with this.. But what I say, let us take a moment out of our busy Life and remember our childhood days, our school days when we were so much happy and joyful. And let us accept the fact that those days are gone.. But those thousands of memories, they are always with us, they are immortal.. So why not use them in the best way possible ? Please feel free to share your golden memories of your school days… Let emotions flow…


Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives…

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In time you will know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail all the same. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. 

These lines from Avengers: Infinity War, still shivers my whole body. Though spoken from the mouth of an EVIL, they are so deep and true, aren’t they ? They truly portray the MEANING OF LIFE.

DESTINY… What is destiny ? Is there something like destiny in reality ? Is our future already decided….? These questions have always made all of us curious from ancient times. Let us throw some light on our past.. As I belong to India and I follow Hinduism, I would like to give some references using my cultural heritage.

Destiny, as per Hinduism is best explained in the sacred BHAGAVAD GITA… the doctrine given to mankind by Lord Krishna in the battle of Mahabharata ! The meaning of destiny as detailed in BHAGAVAD GITA… fruits of KARMA that became available to one every second of life! The crux of destiny lay in karma performed… as we sow so shall we reap… nothing less or more ! Establishing absolute control over manifesting karma in present life is what destiny is all about. What Lord Krishna said thousands of years ago, Newton proposed the same in this third LAW OF MOTION: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Karma explained in scientific terms…. 🙂

Now we know that our destiny is decided by our Karma. But, the question to ponder now is that is our DESTINY already decided by someone before we are born ?? Are we just some characters performing our role in this cosmic movie of LIFE ? Does our present have something to do with our past lives ? We, Hindus, believe in the concept of REBIRTH. God keeps track of our KARMA and after our death, HE decides our next LIFE… But if this is the case that my present life has been decided on my past life KARMA, doesn’t it mean all the things that I do now is already written somewhere ? If this is true, why should I put any efforts as my future is already decided ?

Now lets try and understand the concept of Fate, Destiny and Freewill. Somebody has rightly said “Fate is what you are given, Destiny is what you make of it”. You may call God has decided your Fate but ultimately its you and your past Karma’s which decide your Fate. You may not have control on your Past Karma’s and their results but God has given you the power to take charge of your current Karma’s which will decide your future lives. Another way of looking at is that due to past life Karma’s, though God may have decided your starting point of this life (your family, its status, your immediate environment on which you have no control) and the final destiny of your current life, however he has given you the choice to choose the path in this journey. There can always be more than one path to a destination. You can choose the path which is less bumpy, which has beautiful surroundings, lots of greenery, rivers in between. Basically this is the path of good Karma’s and this is Freewill on which you have control. Here I would like to quote the lines of Lord Krishna from the Bhagwad Gita :

कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते |मा फलेषु कदाचन ||

मा कर्म फल हेतुर्भु: |मा ते संगोस्तु अकर्मणि ||

Thus there are four commandments which means:-
You have right to action. You do not have right to outcome.(therefore) don’t act to rightfully claim desired outcome. (and also) do not resort to inaction.

So we know that our final outcome of Life is already decided and even we could know our future, we cannot change it. That is going to happen anyways. For a moment, let’s forget what is written in the sacred texts. Let us look at our LIFE. We face similar kind of situations every day where even when we want something to happen, it doesn’t. Let us look through our past and our sufferings. If we hadn’t faced those, were we be the same as we are today in present ? It is rightly said: ” Man proposes, God disposes.”

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So as Master Oogway told, let us forget about what our FATE will be and what is written in the book of our LIFE. Let us live in the PRESENT. There is a saying:-

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a GIFT….That is why it is called the PRESENT…

Hope you like my post. I am eager to listen you views on the same. See u soon… 🙂

Feminism means….???

Dear men,

When you sit in a metro or a bus, I see how unwillingly you have to give up your seats just because a woman didn’t get one. No you don’t have to give me your seat because I know that you too are a human and you too get tired of standing and that although I have seats reserved for my gender, you don’t. Don’t worry, I can stand, just like you do, always. Equality is this for me.

When we go on a date, I’ll make sure the bill is split into two, equally. Your money does not come for free, nor does mine. You put in the same effort to earn those currencies like I do. So when we both are having the food, on what logic should you pay alone ? We’ll share. Equality is this for me.

When we are in a relationship, you are always expected to be loyal. And you do (except for a few). But our gender can cheat too right? We do break your hearts right? We too play with your feelings right? RIGHT. So when I ask you to be loyal, I’ll promise my loyalty to you as well. This is equality for me.

When we are amidst something really emotional, or when you are sad, I have seen you holding back your tears, or else you fear your masculinity will be questioned. No, not with me. I’ll give you my shoulder to cry on, just like you do, always, and at times, we’ll cry together. I won’t judge you. Since you are always asked to be more emotional, you must get the freedom to express your emotions freely. This is equality for me.

I won’t go around shouting for dominance, captioned as equality by posting half nudes and shaming you or even by abusing you or posing false allegations against you. I will accept the fact that my gender does commit mistakes and my gender is equally at fault as you are and that nowhere are we the victims alone. I won’t play the victim card and I won’t play the female card to get attention. I will work equally hard, just like you and compete with you and win by my own talents and then call it GODDAMN equality.

Yours lovingly
A True Feminist ❤️

(Taken from Facebook)

Even the BEST fall down sometimes ….

  I was recently asked by someone: ” How do you keep your game up every time ? Aren’t you afraid that you might fall one day ?” The question really made me think for a while. Am I really afraid ? From my early school days, I was a bright student and I was successful back then… The definition of success was very much limited that time.. Success was synonymous to performance in exam.. I rarely under-performed in my exams… The life was very simple back in childhood. No worries, no tension, no aspirations…

The older I grow the more earnestly I feel that the few joys of childhood are the best that life has to give !!!

   Success had become a habit for me; which was a good thing as I became a PERFECTIONIST but it also proved to be con for me.. Every time I didn’t get the results expected by me, I would become really sad and I always kept that in my mind. I never let that go. I still remember those times when I was not at the top of my game.. It was not that I was not putting my best out there… I wasn’t getting that joy, that satisfaction..

    Time passed by…. The definition of success was not limited to marks now.. Life was much harder.. Too many expectations, too many goals to achieve, too many failures.. I always wanted to do everything and excel in each of them.. Many of my well-wishers told me that I can’t… I never listened to them and always tried.. This attitude of mine showed its many after effects later on. I started to lose temper easily.. I started to go against the flow because things weren’t my way.. I spent all my energy in the friction caused.. Initially I was too much energetic and I fought for everything… But eventually, I started ignoring them but these failures always a left a mark on my mind… I started losing hope and confidence on my abilities.. Overall speaking, everything was going against my way..

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16 hours of Journey and a LOT MORE…


It was time to go home finally😍. I have been waiting for this day from a long time. If you have ever lived in Hostel away from home, you would understand how I was feeling. No more mess food, no more irritation from the scorching heat of Summers. I cannot express that joy, that happiness that I was feeling when I was packing all my stuff.

HOME is not a place. It’s a FEELING…

I boarded my train. Thank God, it was on time😅. I always prefer Sleeper class rather than AC even in Summers. The feeling of that stream of wind and my long hairs dancing with it makes me feel free. Fortunately, I could manage a window seat. So, the stage was set for this 16 hrs of exhausting journey….I too was fully prepared with all my weapons to fight this battle. Which weapons, you ask? My phone, lock and loaded with all my favorite songs; my earphones and not to forget, my power bank.

I have completed less than 20% of my journey. The weather outside is trying to compliment to my songs by creating extra effects. As the sun is about to set here, an orangish tint spreads through out the sky.. Its getting cooler outside❄. Now it’s more pleasing. Ohh, it’s suddenly raining now🌧. I look at the sky trying to predict if the dark clouds are ready to cry. But, I see a clear sky🌝. Maybe it was just a small shower. Ohh, it’s lightning also⚡. As if, everyone is trying to make me feel it’s presence.. The lightning bolts were as if complimenting the beats of the songs… Suddenly I am distracted by some noise. How could that noise penetrate my noise canceling earphones ?… Anyways, my eyes try to find the source of that loud noise and I see a baby crying…. Man, he was too loud. His mother was trying to calm him trying everything she can. But he kept crying…. Seriously, today I understood how hard parenting is…. It really test your patience. The sun is about to set… I was continuously observing the baby.. His behavior was very unpredictable. At one instant he was sleeping quietly and at the next instant he was crying at the highest pitch… Isn’t our life similar? You really can say what is coming at you…One time it is all quiet and suddenly you get trapped in many problems. And you cannot ask why? This is Life…😇

I started this journey at 38℃. Till now I have seen all the seasons: summers, rain, thunder…. You have no option than to deal with them, fight them. Because you know in the end, there is eternal peace, joy and satisfaction…..The sun has set… Everything is very calm now. To all my science guys out there, let me state the second law of thermodynamics for you. Everything in nature has to move towards lesser Energy in order for it to happen. You need that Activation energy initially but once it crosses the barrier, you will move towards lesser energy. One way to reduce this energy is using catalysts i.e Life hacks… See, it’s so much relatable. So that’s it from my side…Time to sleep…Hope you like it 🙂

The Sunshine Blogger Award- My First

Thanks Megha for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger award. Its my 3rd day of writing and seriously, I never saw this coming. Obviously, its a great honor for me. I would recommend all my readers (currently they are very few though 🙂 ). Go through her blog if you want to wet your soul with her ink.

Here are the rules for the award:

  1. Display the sunshine Blogger Award logo in a post on your blog
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you, put a link back to their blog.
  3. Answer the 10 Questions.
  4. Nominate 5-10 bloggers who you feel that deserve this award.
  5. Let the nominees know that you’ve nominated them and provide them with questions to answers.

Megha wanted me to answer these 10 questions. So here it goes:

1. Favorite book and its favorite quote?

– I am not that much into reading. But I used to read novels before my 10th class. Actually, my whole family is into reading. My parents have started a library at my home which is a home to more than 6000 books from all genres. So, coming back to my answer, I read this book way back called ” Ignited Minds- Unleashing the power within India ” by our Missile Man, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. I still remember those days when I sat on my table and read for hours continuously. I miss those days now. I remember one beautiful quote from the book which goes like:

There is no greater power in heaven or on earth than the Commitment to a dream.

Its has helped me a lot since then.

2. Favorite flavor ?

– You can always take me for a scoop of Choco Chips Ice cream. Even I don’t know you I will come with you. #Chocolate_is_Love

3. Favorite TV show?

– Undoubtedly, it’s the 90’s sitcom “FRIENDS“. I can tell you what dialogue is next and what will happen next. I have watched it like a million times.

4. What’s your pet-peeve?

-I get sick when someone repeats the same mistake again and again. I try to tell them how they should correct it. I try till a limit. And then just say to them, “God Bless You !” and stop fighting.

5. Describe the most hilarious or the weirdest dream you ever had.

— I dream a lot, like really a LOT. Usually, I don’t remember them after a wake up. I think that’s a little weird, isn’t it? So I have to do head crunching before I could answer this question.

6. Favorite song and artist?

I am a big fan of this band named The Local Train“. They performed at my college fest. Till then, I was completely unaware of this band. Their songs are truly EPIC. They just have so much wisdom in them. They have launched two albums till now: “Alas ka Pedh” and “Vaaqif”. My favorite song is called Bandey from “Alas ka Pedh”. Just hear the lyrics of the songs…..

7. Are you the ‘forgive-forget’ type or the ‘remember-revenge’ type and why?

– I am the ‘forgive-forget’ type of person. I never believed in unnecessary fighting just to prove that I am right. And I hardly keep grudges for anyone. “Live and let Live” is my principal. Why am I like this, you ask? I seriously don’t know. Maybe I am a strong introvert from childhood 🙂

8. When was the last time you laughed and why?

– I don’t remember when I had a big laugh last time. Don’t judge me though. You will always find me smiling 🙂 . I am just not kind of guy who laughs loudly. I am rather into feeling the moment than expressing it.

9. Choose a movie title to describe yourself.

— I would say: “The Sixth Sense“. Because I am little intuitive and am able to judge a person’s nature very quickly. Wanna try? How about a cup of coffee with me?

10. What is the one thing about yourself that you greatly admire?

– The one thing that I admire the most about myself is that I am a man of Ideals, a man of Words.. And I follow them strictly. You can call me a Raghuvanshi….of modern day, of course. Once I said something, I follow it… Call it my attitude but that’s who I am.

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