Even the BEST fall down sometimes ….

  I was recently asked by someone: ” How do you keep your game up every time ? Aren’t you afraid that you might fall one day ?” The question really made me think for a while. Am I really afraid ? From my early school days, I was a bright student and I was successful back then… The definition of success was very much limited that time.. Success was synonymous to performance in exam.. I rarely under-performed in my exams… The life was very simple back in childhood. No worries, no tension, no aspirations…

The older I grow the more earnestly I feel that the few joys of childhood are the best that life has to give !!!

   Success had become a habit for me; which was a good thing as I became a PERFECTIONIST but it also proved to be con for me.. Every time I didn’t get the results expected by me, I would become really sad and I always kept that in my mind. I never let that go. I still remember those times when I was not at the top of my game.. It was not that I was not putting my best out there… I wasn’t getting that joy, that satisfaction..

    Time passed by…. The definition of success was not limited to marks now.. Life was much harder.. Too many expectations, too many goals to achieve, too many failures.. I always wanted to do everything and excel in each of them.. Many of my well-wishers told me that I can’t… I never listened to them and always tried.. This attitude of mine showed its many after effects later on. I started to lose temper easily.. I started to go against the flow because things weren’t my way.. I spent all my energy in the friction caused.. Initially I was too much energetic and I fought for everything… But eventually, I started ignoring them but these failures always a left a mark on my mind… I started losing hope and confidence on my abilities.. Overall speaking, everything was going against my way..

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  I am very bad at expressing my feelings to someone.. So I kept all those feelings within myself and never told anyone.. Something was lost, something was missing from Life.. Every time I knew what the problem was which helped me to find a solution.. Now I even didn’t know the problem.. I don’t believe that TIME HEALS.. I think you are the one who have to heal yourself… Time only makes it a little easier.. But I had lost all my patience to wait for the time when this Sun will set and a new Ray of Hope will shine in my Life..

   Then I decided to start a book so that it will keep me distracted from these feelings.. I just picked out a random book from my collection..(I hadn’t read any book for last 4 years). I could not concentrate on it initially.. But a small yet very effective statement from the book caught my attention..

When you WANT something badly, all the universe CONSPIRES in helping you to ACHIEVE it…You just have to follow the OMENS…

  And this sentence kept on repeating again and again throughout the book. So that was it.. I just have to observe the omens and reach my goal.. So was that so easy as it sounded ? Absolutely not… 🙂 Looking for omens and interpreting them correctly is the main task here which needs a lot from you.. The fun thing about the quote above is that the day after I read it in the book, my friend told me the same. Again, I heard it on TV through the new JIO ad… It was everywhere… So I thought, ” Does this quote is pointing towards something ? ” I continued reading the book, now with more enthusiasm.. And to my surprise, the book was totally about me.. The boy in the book, Santiago, was totally me !!!

   The boy just needed to follow the path that the universe has set for him. He just needed to hang in for a while.. He always had a will to achieve his goal. What was missing that he needed to believe in himself, believe in his abilities.. Any setback doesn’t mean he is failure.. He understood that he doesn’t need to be at the TOP always.. He can be GOOD sometimes, rather than the BEST.. Every process in this universe is not PERFECT.. It always have some LOSSES 🙂

You don’t have to be a superhero today. You don’t have to save the world. Just hold someone you love tightly in your arms and breathe.

“You don’t have to predict the future. You don’t have to see a silver lining in the latest catastrophe. Just notice the sky above your head and breathe.

“You don’t have to know all the words. You don’t have to speak with conviction. Just say, ‘I am here,’ and breathe.

“You are someone’s home base, even when life takes you a little off course. You are someone’s north star even when you’re less than shiny. You’re someone’s solid rock even when you’re falling apart.

“You don’t have to be a superhero today. You’re home base. Keep breathing … love in, love out … for yourself and your precious ones. That’s enough; it’s more than enough.”

(from the book, Only Love Today)

Hope you like my post…THANKS… 🙂

PS: I have added two new columns to my blog, Quote of the Day and Nature Love( all pics clicked by me). Do have a look..


4 thoughts on “Even the BEST fall down sometimes ….

  1. Its beautiful.. i think every one of us undergo this feeling sometime or other.. the fear to perform or to excel is good to a great extent, but sometime u need to take a pause to rejuvenate..
    The way u have presented it in simple yet persuasive words is commendable..:) keep writing

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  2. Nice post, I must say. And powerful stuff. I do agree with you that we must not lose hope but…. looking for omens is kind of a double edged sword. Read my post 99Luftballons and you’ll get an idea why. One of my very good friend made the mistake of ‘seeing’ omens when there were actually NONE, and he ended up getting hit, hard. So I’m really wary when it comes to ‘looking’ for omens. I’m just ‘hanging in there’ and bidding my time for now.

    Keep writing! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I agree with you too. It depends on how you interpret the OMEN. It can also take you on the wrong way if interpreted incorrectly. Here you need the tool of intuition which helps in correct judgement.. Thanks for your suggestions 🙂

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