SCHOOL, my second HOME…..

  Summer vacations are about to end.. Monsoon has already taken control of the weather… We are just about to reach the half mark to yet another year. 4 years have passed by since I left my school. Yet again, as the date of 26th of June starts approaching, the sound of school bell begins to fill my ears and mind. After enjoying summer holidays of nearly two months, it was finally the time when we put our school bags on and start with yet another year, full of learning, enjoyment and awesomeness. After completing two years at college, I really miss that feeling of the first day at school. New classroom, new teachers, new faces… And most of all, NEW BOOKS 🙂 The smell of newly bought books… There are so much things which we experience only in school and never afterwards… From our first friend, first fight to our first crush…so much feelings.

It is indeed ironic that we spend our SCHOOL DAYS yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days.

  I was in the same school from class 1 to class 10. So it had became my second home. Everything was familiar to me. It was like I had felt every part of that school. I knew every gap and corner. The teachers had became my family. All of them had taught me, so they all knew me personally. Unfortunately, there are very few memories that I remember now from my school days. But the ones I remember still makes me nostalgic. I was not able to crack the entrance exam for class 1, as I was very sick then. But, as my brother was also studying in the same school, I was given a chance on one condition that I stay in top 5 ranks in the exams, which by the way, I maintained till my last exam of class 10.. 🙂  I was a pretty studious kid back then. According to my teachers, I rarely talked to anyone. I still laugh at myself on how big nerd I was then. I don’t have much memories till my primary level i.e class 7 as I was the same nerd till then. It’s in the last 3 years of my school, I made a lot of memories; I opened up and I actually started enjoying school. I don’t know  how this huge transformation came in my behavior. May be because, I saw my future career already written as my brother had gotten admission into the best Engineering college of India. And now that, I would follow the same path. May be I understood that I had only these 3 years to enjoy to my fullest. So why to wait, let’s dive into those memorable 3 years of my life… 🙂


  It was very much difficult for me to open up. I made a few close friends and I used to talk to them only. Slowly, I increased my friend circle. And now everyone was my friend and it was more like a family. I rarely talked to girls of my class. And the one to those I talked was because my sister was also in my class. Otherwise, I was too shy, rather a Nerd… But as days passed by I got more involved in classroom activities. I realized that I had missed all this fun for last 7 years and felt bad… There was so much fun going in the class.. Right from gossiping about who were the couples of the class to making fun of teachers… I had missed all.. It was like my eyes and ears were all time closed for such things… Haha.. But now, along with studies, I also took interest in such activities.. I played a lot on ground during recess time.. Like a really lot…till all my clothes were all dirty.. Some of my friends really helped me to open up and talk… I was now living a LIFE.. I never had a crush on anyone till then.. Obviously because I never interacted with any girl.. Unfortunately, once our teacher made all the boys to sit along side of girls.. That was the first time I talked to any girl and I became friends with my bench partner.. And not to tell I had a small crush on her.. I never told that to anyone until now… There are many such memories like this which if I listed down now will make this post too long.. 🙂

Some days I wish I could go back in Life. Not to change anything, but to FEEL a few things twice.

  I know you all must have related to all of this and you also agree that School days are the best, aren’t they ? It is a place of all our FIRSTS. I didn’t felt so much on my last day of school that I feel now. Things have so much changed. Teachers who used to care about each and everyone in the class are replaced by those cold hearted professors who only teach for money. Grades have become so much important. A small failure even means a lot now. Students are committing suicides… There are too many pressures to handle, too many expectations to cope up with. And we have to live with this.. But what I say, let us take a moment out of our busy Life and remember our childhood days, our school days when we were so much happy and joyful. And let us accept the fact that those days are gone.. But those thousands of memories, they are always with us, they are immortal.. So why not use them in the best way possible ? Please feel free to share your golden memories of your school days… Let emotions flow…


3 thoughts on “SCHOOL, my second HOME…..

  1. I agree with you. Our schools indeed are a place for many firsts. I too, was like you. Nerdy and shy. I began opening up a little later, and my first crush actually took place in college. Not in school. But still…. It’s all nostalgia. 🙂

    By the way… Did you receive my message? Would you like it if I reblogged a few of my posts from the Pensieve over here? (Of course, you get to decide which…)

    Waiting eagerly for your response! 🙂

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    1. Sorry I could not get to you in time. Yes, of course you can reblog your posts on my blog. And I think it’s better you choose which one to reblog. I suggest, anything related to my theme i.e looking at life in scientific way, would be good. Otherwise it would be best if you could write a new post whenever you get time.

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      1. Okay. So I have 3 posts which are like that. Namely Perception, Energy and Equilibrium. The rest are creative writings/short stories. If you want to pass a look at these before giving me the green light, feel free to do so! Or if you want some changes before I publish those here, pray suggest them as well.

        Regarding a fresh post:- As soon as I have a new idea, I’ll let you know! 🙂


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