Dear past ME:

“Hey there. You know it feels a bit weird for me to write to you. It’s like talking to a stranger for me. You ask, why? The present me is a lot of different than the past you. In the last 3 years, so much has changed. College years.. Right? Actually I really didn’t thought LIFE will take me to this moment, to this ME. Anyways, to start, let me clear this. This letter is not one of those clichéd ones where I sob in nostalgia and ponder over all the beautiful memories from the past. This letter is on different lines. You were just an innocent kid back then. Yes, an 18-year-old “KID”, who was unaware of the rulings of the outside world. You had just got your wings and you were ready to make your first dive.

   Eyes filled with aspirations, mind focused and goals set. You entered this arena where everyone was running. For what? Obviously, to be FIRST. Each with different capabilities, different dreams but one common goal; to SUCCEED. You thought it would be a smooth run. But you forgot that, in this rat race, you, yourself had all your burdens pilling on your back, day by day which made you slow and tired…But how could you lose? You were always a CHAMP till then and nobody could even compete with you. But now LIFE was much more complex and twisted. You pushed yourself hard. But you could not cope up with the ever incoming burdens, of EXPECTATIONS, both of you and your parents. You were pushing all your limits but in vain.

 When you were just trying to cope up with all this, you discovered something new, something magical; the feeling of LOVE. It was great, wasn’t it? Someone whom you can trust with anything. You met new people, you tried to socialize… You were so happy back then, everything was going your way. You thought LIFE is just so MERCIFUL. The truth is it’s hard to survive. You lost some of your close friends who you thought will be by your side forever… Nothing is FOREVER. People leave. It’s very hard to find the right people in this world full of “gold diggers”. I know it hurts like HELL. Life has not been the way you expected back then. You have gone through a lot of ups and down and fought each battle like a WARRIOR. It’s not that you never lost; but you NEVER GAVE UP. And that’s all count. I am really proud of you. Life have shaped you into your BEST form today and it will continue. Just keep going. You are doing GREAT. A bright future awaits you.”

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