Right to THINK…

Diversity is an important and critical part of life. Our world is so much diverse and varied. Right from diversity in race, religions, clothing to diversity in food, culture and philosophies; we are very much dissimilar. But I am not here to talk about that kind of diversity. I am here to talk about diversity in THOUGHTS. Every person in this big world is entitled with the right to THINK. No government or authority has a control over it. The idea of right to think is little absurd though. Does it mean that everyone is allowed to think as per his/her wish? But we all know that our personality reflect our thoughts. So does this so called “right to think” come under the bigger and more meaningful; right to expression? To find answers to these questions let us all take a moment to look at ourselves and our lives.

We all know that our brain is a very complex machine. It is so complicated that even today, with massive technology, we are yet to build something that can beat a human brain. We are also not close to replicating it. It is constantly thinking. Not a single second passes when it is idle. You agree, right? So coming back to our question, we might notice that everything that we do is based on what we thought about that. Literally, everything… and nobody can control what we think. Yes, they can influence our thinking. But, we are ourselves the manager, organizer and regulator of our thoughts. So, yes, we all have the “right to think” anything.

Now, let us combine both these concepts of diversity and right to think. Even when we focus on a single person, his/her thoughts are so much wide-ranging and they keep on changing with time. So consider this. We have millions of different people with each having millions of varied thoughts. So much diversity, right? You know why China and India are progressing so fast. They contribute a major share from this gigantic pool of thoughts. More thoughts, more ides and more innovations. So let’s move a little further on thoughts and connect them with our personal lives.

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It is rightly said that man is a social animal and he needs to connect with people to further prosper in life. Seems very true, doesn’t it? Who likes to be alone anyways? We meet new people daily. Let’s us make this a little more interesting. Consider each individual as a cluster of thoughts. So, in these terms, we meet several clusters of thoughts. What makes us like them is the common things in our clusters of thoughts. Greater the intersection, more can we connect with them, right? When we become friends with someone, it starts an interaction process between our clusters. Some thoughts get deleted, some gets modified. We become a major influencing force for each other’s clusters. Apart from these, we meet a lot of people where the intersection is so small that connection seems difficult. But these clusters are pretty complex things. What appears on the outside may be not what is beneath the surface. So even though when it seems that two people share a lot of common, it might not mean that their souls may connect. So just be aware of such people. And choose the right ones. Because once the interaction starts, you have already given that someone the power to influence your thoughts. So afterwards, it will be a lot hard to let go of that person. It is similar to a chemical reaction. It is irreversible most of the times.

To summarize, it’s not you; it’s your cluster of thoughts. And diversity is part and parcel of life. We should learn to acknowledge and accept the fact that no two person are similar. There is nothing such as soul-mates or “made for each other”. It is how well the interaction process goes. And when it fails, you need to let go. Because there nothing you can do here. The reaction has already taken place. What you can do is find new reactants and modify your cluster. Or better, you are yourself capable enough to change your thoughts. And not to forget: NEVER STOP THINKING…


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