Life is full of cliffs and plateus; ups and downs. And it is same for everybody. There is nothing special about anyone where it’s all UPs or all bottoms. Everybody hits the rock bottom in his/her life at least once in life. Some very early in life, some a little late… How does it feel then? All depressed, and gloomy…right? When we are just about give up all our hope, when we think it won’t get better, when we question, WHY ME? Everyone goes through such phase… And everyone think that their problem is the worst of all. Trust me, it’s not. You are very lucky to have so much things when someone even don’t have the privilege of all the love you are getting now. Whenever you feel like you are just done with life and can’t take anymore, take a moment to realize that you are far better and there is nothing to worry. It just a minor setback. You are good.

My fellow readers, there is a lot of pain in this world, more than you can imagine. You think that these setbacks have crushed you and you cannot stand now. Believe me, we humans are very strong people. God has made us so hard that these weaker forces can never break us. We are the best of the best with infinite potential. We are like that big Boulder in between a river flowing with its mightiest speeds, standing our ground and taking all the hits but not moving an inch. Trust me, the flow is not that fast everytime. It gets slow. But it will not vanish, it will not flow the way you want it. Similar is our life. Problems will keep coming one by one, some quite big, some very tiny. But you cannot be moved, right? Life is like that, my gals, with constant resistance. Hang in there. Cause actually life’s not a race, it is a test for survival. And just as a small piece of charcoal takes shape of a beautiful diamond after it goes through a lot of survival tests, you will also grow into something remarkable. Now it’s your choice, you decide the value of your diamond, you decide whether it is normal diamond or the KOHINOOR..? 😊


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