Is this a NEW beginning…?

Just a day remaining of 2018 and I am here trying to sum up everything… Actually it is just a number changing on calendar and nothing more. But we all have made it so important in our lives, right ? So what should we do ? Remember our memories from 2018, taking good things from them and leaving bad things behind…in short MOVING ON. Isn’t it the same typical thing we do every year ? And to be honest, moving on isn’t something that can be achieved in a day. It takes a lot of time, and most importantly a strong will. One or two years back, I was the one giving such advice on how to move on. But, as someone said, it is easier said than done. When I was the one facing the same situations, I understood what MOVING ON really means. And, to be clear, here I am not only talking about moving on from people, but a lot lot more things. Last year, at this time, I was very happy as I was about to celebrate my new year with my most favorite person. And, now, I am here, trying to control my tears on what I lost in 2018 and not even slightly happy on what I achieved. Indeed, I am a very sad soul. And, you know, it’s not my choice to be like this but situations made me like this.

Ok. Let’s not talk about all the sad things and also not about the happy ones. Let’s talk about ourselves. For me, 2018 was a big life altering year for me. The way I used to look at my life a year ago and the way I look now are completely different. I used to consider myself one of many, like all others. But, if you will ask me today, I’ll say that I am a totally unique soul. And so are you. Also, I am imperfect. I do mistakes, I mess up things, and I also get burnt in the fire that I start. This is the first important thing I learnt about myself in this year. And apart from it, I learnt to accept my individuality and also respect other’s. Everyone has their own personal space and everyone is entitled to their own privacy, even if you are the closest person to them. Also, no one can understand what’s going on in your mind except you yourself. Words are mere a way of transmitting your feelings. Even when backed by emotions and feelings, they are insufficient, ALWAYS. So, rather than explaining yourself to others, explain it to yourself first. Help yourselves because eventually you will find out that nobody truly understands you and you will be all hurt. So better will start with yourself. Talk with yourselves. Discuss. Fight. Do anything, but with yourself. You are on your own.

The other thing I learnt this year is that never let anyone close to you or your soul. It may sound a little harsh but this hold very true for highly emotional person like me where even the smallest thing said by someone can ruin your days, months and also years. Every little thing said our done by the people I care about have a major impact on myself. If you are not that kind of person, congratulations. You have saved yourself a lot of pain. I am that kind of person who is unaware of the ART OF NOT GIVING A FUCK. Even if I try to live my life that way, I just can’t. I am too much HEART. So from now on, I am going to run away from people. Not because of them, but because of me.

The next and the last but the most important thing I learnt and am still learning is to forgive myself. I have been very harsh on myself. I said a lot of bad things for myself. I did some bad things but hey…that’s me. Along with my good things, I also have some flaws. And, I have accepted myself with them. And from now on, I am going to pamper myself like anything. I will love myself. I will be in an intimate relationship with myself. And to be frank, this is the best kind of relationship. No fights, less worries and loads of LOVE, isn’t it ?

I don’t know what LIFE has written for me in future and where it would take me. This year has been very reassuring for me. My friendship with GOD is stronger than ever. He is my bff. And I have also got new friends. Who you ask ? These WORDS, these SONGS… What remained constant throughout the year was these words and songs. Otherwise, everything else changed. Change is Good. So lets promise ourselves and to our friends: TO LOVE OURSELVES, TO LIVE FOR OURSELVES. Happy New Year to all my readers.


One thought on “Is this a NEW beginning…?

  1. I have adhd so i only managed to skim your article but ohhh boy oh boy i LOVE what i read. It directly reflects what i practice everyday. To reflect on what your (omg beautiful) article promotes: selfreflection>>selfrealisation>>self respect (which actually includes respect unto others) ie reflecting back on past events/thought patterns/patterns of behavior (our own and others) to realise, understand, and own our mistakes and flaws >> to develope self identity>>accountability = Respect for Self and others. Another beautiful piece in your post that i picked up on, albeit super skimmed it (adhd, im so sorry LOL whoops), about “understanding”, i cant remember damn it’s slipping away to the abyss that is my mind, typical me! But anyway it reminds me of a quote from einstein, which ill paraphrase here, if we cant explain it (“it” being anything at all) to a child, then neither do understand it either. I could go on! Im sharing your post! I forgot your name but omg if you are familiar with the current traits of ADHD adults, then youll know my comment just screams of it LOL bless you and take care!


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