About me….

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 Hi everyone… I am Prajwal, 20, an ambitious guy who just started writing. I am an engineering student majoring in Electrical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur (For my foreign readers, IITs are the MIT of India..). Don’t get surprised though… We IITian’s are also fond of extra curricular and co-curricular activities other than studies. And we are good at it…Not the best..But some of us are..

   Apart from writing, I like photography (especially nature) and listening music (all kinds of). I also like to travel a lot. In my 18 yrs of traveling experience (yes…I started traveling from the age of two), I have almost been able to cover all parts of India. You can find some of pictures clicked by me on my Home page under Nature Love. I don’t have many friends but the ones who are, they are my LIFE.

Unlike others, I have a different purpose to start writing. I am a born introvert, a silent guy who enjoys to be alone. I am rather a good listener than a good speaker. I am very observant and a very Practical person. If you want to talk about philosophy and LIFE, I would be the first guy you would like to come to. So, that’s about me.. What about YOU? Because, these are YOUR THOUGHTS and not mine…

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